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Hosting events, especially for newly-formed organizations or companies, shows that you’re, well, the real-deal! Not only do you exist, but you have the means to throw events! It doesn't matter how big or small the event is. All that matters is that folks are able to connect with your brand and your mission.


Planning your own event to showcase the beauty, utility, overall coolness of your venue brings people into the space and gets their minds working. Could this be the perfect convention center for their next company meeting? Could they picture their parents dancing at their 50th anniversary party in this restaurant? Pictures of your venue just never do it justice. Bring people in!


This is really the main benefit of events. Connecting with your clients, audience, or members on a personal level has a big impact on their engagement. These important face-to-face connections are rare in the virtual world, and can really solidify someone’s interest in your group or company.


In addition to developing a connection with your organization, people attending your events can build relationships with each other and strengthen the community. There’s power in attending an event and seeing other people who support the same cause, follow the same blog, or support a local team. Meeting like-minded individuals in person will also encourage more active engagement online!



Non-profits know how to throw great fundraising events, but businesses can also join in and organize an event to fundraise for a charity. Giving back to the community is a great way to raise awareness about an important cause, and gain some recognition for your organization too!




Holding a seminar or hosting a meet up for industry thought leaders establishes your business or organization as a driver of new ideas and collaboration. This provides value to your community and helps to establish your business as a valued resource.

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