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Power Entrepreneur coaching

The Power Entrepreneur’s Podcast

The Power Entrepreneur’s Podcast hosts a different power entrepreneur weekly, interviewing wonderful business leaders to speak about their upbringing into the business world, share their wisdom to the young and the aspiring, and imbue our listeners with powerful insights by narrating their experiences in the life of successful entrepreneurship.


Every week, hosts Jay Rosenberg and Jacob Busani interviews business owners who have mastered their craft and achieved expertise in their respective markets. Questions are raised in dealing with common issues and seasoned topics about today’s urgent and often dynamic business competition.

Aside from the topics about professionalism, the hosts also tackle the usual cases in an entrepreneur’s personal life, how they value family time, who they are as an individual and what they project as a leader.


Every week, our hosts interview different Power Entrepreneur to speak at each event, as well as on the podcast show, to share their wisdom and experience in the life of successful entrepreneurship. These Power Entrepreneurs have mastered and achieved amazing successes in their personal life and their businesses. These are people with big hearts, big minds, and are a wealth of knowledge. The community eagerly anticipates our speakers.


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