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Being an Entrepreneur, Part IV

Entrepreneurship is about Leadership, taking Criticism and Negativity and using it as a fuel for generating a burning desire to do something big, to survive the storms, to be humble in the good times, to stay with a smile when everything goes wrong. Its about sacrificing your today for a better tomorrow. Being an entrepreneur means living a few years of your life like others won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like others can’t. As an entrepreneur your values reflect on your business. Here are some values that are most critical to your business growth and for your personal success.

Personal Growth - Effective leadership is about personal growth. Growth can be characterized by a breakthrough change, a transformation as a significant development, which is great. More often, though, growth takes the form of incremental improvements over time. For example, trying to change long-standing habits is not easy and takes time. Personal growth means working on yourself and constantly thinking, how can I better myself? What values can I ingrain in my business? By asking These questions you are taking your first steps towards accomplishing your goals. When you show your team that personal growth is the key to success, it will encourage them to start focusing on improving themselves and ultimately focusing on improving their work ethics. You are the leader! Make sure you lead your team to success!Leadership and Mentoring - Being a leader does not only mean that you lead your team as the boss, but you must also teach them. Each of your employees has there own individual talent and skill. If you are to succeed in your business you will need to pay attention to each of your employees and help them bring out the best in them. Never forget, their success is your success! Mentoring is a strategic tool that when done right, can attract and retain high-potential talent and can help motivate your employees to do their best. Take the time to help your employees bring out their skills. You are the leader of the team! Value comes when work is done together and with a positive vibe.Work and Family Balance - It is well known that Entrepreneurs do not have a nine to five schedule. We are constantly working from the early hours of the morning to the late hours of night. If you are an Entrepreneur and also have a family, you will need to set time for work and time for your family. In order to be able to accomplish both and keep stability I have listed a few ways you will be able to balance both your working hours and also give your family the attention they deserve. Be organized - Organization helps keep a more stress-free zone, making it easier for you to cope with work and also gives you time to set aside for your family.Take your breaks - We know that being an Entrepreneur means that you almost never have time to take a break. You are constantly working and motivated to make that extra buck. It is important to understand that sometimes taking a break is necessary for both your health and your success. Spend your breaks with your family. I guarantee it will create the balance you were missing until now.Work smarter - Starting a new business requires a lot of time. Starting a new business while working a job and balancing a family requires more time than most new Entrepreneurs expect. In reality, however, light has found that dedicated entrepreneurs have no more time than anyone else -- they just use it better. If you are working hard and you are not seeing the results you want, you will find it is because you were distracted or not using your time smart enough. Close your Netflix, Facebook and start paying more attention to the task you were committed to. When you work smarter you will notice how you have more time. Use that spare time wisely, spend it with your loved ones. It will enhance your relationship and your work ethics. When you succeed at home you are more likely to succeed at your office. Be the leader both with your business and with your family!

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