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Being an Entrepreneur, Part III

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.

Managing a business is full of risks. How can you be sure your business wont fall into the grasping hands of failure?

Here are a few things an entrepreneur must always keep in mind when running a business.

1. Enthusiasm - One the most important characteristics of a leader is the ability to have a positive outlook and belief in what can be achieved. They should focus their energies on what can be done rather than on what cannot and they should look to take action rather than spend too long in detailed analysis of what happened in the past. Positive leaders are leaders that believe in their cause and vision and put every effort into making it happen.

2. A real commitment to the vision is crucial! As a leader, you must lead your team with a clear vision in mind. The vision should be motivational and should provide an identity for the team. By doing this you are ensuring that your team is working for one purpose only and that purpose is to help you grow your business to maximum levels! Commitment to your vision is the only way you will see success. Stay persistent and confident!

3. Passion is key! Great leaders are passionate about what they do and convey that passion and enjoyment to the rest of their team. Without passion leaders will find it difficult to motivate their team. That passion is evidenced by the way that leaders go about their work, particularly their positive body language, upbeat communication and use of positive language. When you are passionate enough about the things you do, your team will feel the vibes. They now know that you are confident with the business you run and they can count on you. Your passion motivates your team! You work hard, they work hard. You show confidence in the things you do, they follow in your path! Be the leader that leads your business and team to success!

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